Suresh Nambiar – Data Guru & Machine Learning Expert | Author Aiwiz

About Suresh Nambiar

Suresh Nambiar is a Data Driven Technologist with expertise in developing and executing the IT strategy for a wide range of organizations, from a start‐up digital multimedia company to the world’s largest custodian bank. Expert at building  Data pipelines and the governance of data to maximize returns, in Finance, Telcom, Marketing and Operations areas. Have successfully architected and built data lake at a large financial institution. Currently working on architecting solutions for a modern application combining traditional warehouse, data lake and streaming data. Have built communities like the New Jersey based Data Science community that Suresh Nambiar founded which guides over 1600 data enthusiast get better at their craft. A very solid understanding of the use of data for Data science and workflows needed for successfully implementing AI solutions. On the board of Vedic Gurukul a not-for profit which is actively using machine learning to uncover hidden knowledge in old Sanskrit scriptures. Hands on leader who can roll up his sleeves and write code, develop workflows, identify issues and optimize in the trenches when needed.